sending an expense claim through as an attachment, where does it go?

Question asked by Nathalie Wermeille 9 years ago

I've seen this message on our expense view:
Send attachments to this unique email address and they will appear in Clear Books automatically.

Brilliant and I tried it out by emailing an expense in but I can't find it anywhere.... where do they go when it has been sent?


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I'm having the same problem - can't find the attachment anywhere. This would be really useful so I can take photos of receipts using my iPhone and send directly to Clearbooks.

Hi guys,

If you click to view any invoice/bill and hit the 'attachment' button or use the attach icon (notepad with paper clip) beside any quote/expense/PO you should be able to view all your attachments in the table below 'Please upload new files or pick from list below.'

Just click on the 'Attach' link to attach the appropriate file to the invoice/bill/expense etc.

Just to let you know - if you use either Receipt Bank or Keebo, we now have an integration with them (Tools>Add ons) which will import the expenses into Clear Books.

Hi John, Thank you for replying. I've tried the above, however it just displays: "No file attachments, please upload new files.". Any other ideas?

Hi Frederika,

Would it be possible to forward the email you sent to the api address to contact support - also was this sent after 11 today as the files should upload on the next hour i.e. if sent after 11 they will appear on the system at 12. Also did you put the api address as the main email or did you enter this as a CC or Bcc address?

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