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yodlee is silly.

Question asked by Tiffany 7 years ago

On top it said I am not subscribed and then at the bottom of the same page it shows I have paid £5, i am subscribed. It imported everything in the free trial. Now it imports nothing. I don't have anymore patience left. Why does it do this?

Clear books makes it seem that you would not have to pay extra for this service. It is and extra £5 top of subscription which is not £19 but £19 plus VAT. If you are confident in the product you should not have to trick people into thinking they are paying less and then catch them at the last moment with add-ons.

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Hi Tiffany,

Yodlee is a third party service and as such there is an additional cost for the service, we don't hide this fact. It can be a bit temperamental at times, which is why we recommend taking the trial first before committing to it and to raise any problems you have with us via the internal help:


As an alternative to Yodlee we do provide a bank statement import tool which isn't as quick as using Yodlee to get your statements in to the system, however it is a lot more reliable. Any problems with it we can also support directly rather than having to raise tickets with Yodlee.


I'm hopeful that as time progresses the integration Yodlee provide with Banks will improve and the reliability will be consistent for all banks.

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