Anyone use Receipt Bank?

Question asked by Jon Game 9 years ago

I love Receipt Bank so was thrilled when I heard that Clearbooks had developed an "integration" to Receipt Bank. I have just started to use the import feature using some old receipts. Unfortunately it doesn't recognise that these receipts relate to old payment. Instead it creates new purchases, effectively "doubling up" the previous transactions....

Perhaps I am missing something (like some instructions explaining what to do with this potentially brilliant integration)....

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I use Receipt Bank and have just posted a couple of problems on the forum. Two problems that I have noted - (1) only the invoice amounts and the supplier is copied from Receipt Bank meaning you need to go through each item again to post it to the correct nominal code. (2) The scanned invoices (from Receipt Bank) are not attached to the invoices.

Other implementations are much much better (no names mentioned) which is probably because Receipt Bank have built their own connection to the accounting programs. Clear Books has built its own implementation which is woefully lacking. Hopefully they will get it fixed soon.

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