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invoice plus delivery address

Question asked by Nigel Thomas 7 years ago

How can you show on the invoice, the company invoice address and the delivery address also?

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I have customers that will constantly change the delivery addresses as they sell on our products.
Can the delivery address on the invoice be left as a fill box per invoice?

Hi Nigel,

It's not currently possible to do this as the invoices are populated by pulling the contact information from the invoice and delivery address for that customer. We have an advanced invoice theme editor in which this may be possible. The advanced style theme allows you to update the layout, however you will need a strong knowledge of CSS. We cannot support any changes made to the CSS.


We also offer a custom accelerated development service which allows current customers to fast-track ideas (including invoice themes) to our developers allowing you to commission a feature for any Clear Books plc product, this includes custom invoice themes. For more details please click on the link below:


Kind regards,


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