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When creating a new invoice you choose exclude from VAT return or do it manually and leave it blank (0%).

The problem I have is that there is VAT included in the total amount but I don't want the customer to see the amount of VAT. The reason for this is that VAT is only charged on the profit made on a secondhand car sale. Therefore if the customer can see the VAT he/she can calculate the profit made which is not what is wanted by my client. At the moment all I can do is create the invoice without VAT, give it to the customer and then edit the invoice to include VAT.

Hi Mark,

There is an invoice theme on the public directory called VAT margin which hides the VAT from both the line items and the total. You can apply this to your account if you head to Settings > Invoice themes > Templates and search for VAT margin in the search box. Hit the green plus icon to add it to your account.

Hi John,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I have looked at the template and it is still not quite correct. The next time I go to the client's premises (Tuesday) I will scan a copy invoice from another dealer and explain what are the various aspects of the invoice - it would be much simpler.

Thanks for your efforts,


No problem Mark - just send this through to support@clearbooks.co.uk when you can.

Hi John,

Please keep us informed on this. The Invoice part of the system and the templates are to go through an overhaul soon. So would be useful to understand your needs.

Go to Setting->invoice themes->create There you can create a theme and if you select "Item Tax" within "Line Items" to be 'Hide' then VAT won't be visible on the invoice.

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