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Question asked by Keith Pocock 7 years ago

What is the best method for recording mileage for a sole trader?
The Mileage tool insists on an Employee, do I create myself as an employee for the purpose?
So far I have entered a bill to myself as a supplier for each claim and tracked it as Mileage, which is the only other way I can see to do it.
Do I just leave these as unpaid (I do not reimburse myself at the time of the expense)


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Hello Keith,

You can use the Expenses option on Clear Books and just keep them as unpaid expenses to Keith Pocock the employee. As you are the sole trader, it will just be a balance which will show up on the system.

The only problem with this is that it will show up on the system all the time and on the Aged Creditors reports.



Thanks Vanish. I am not set up as an employee currently (I could use the mileage tool if I was), I am a sole trader with no employees. I have set myself up as a Supplier ('Keith Pocock Expenses') so that I can record expenses that way. I was concerned that if I set myself up as an employee when I am not, I might have clearbooks expecting all sorts of other information (salary etc) which is clearly not appropriate? But if not then I will go down that route.

Hello Keith,

We will not ask for the salary information on the employees, it is a system status to enable the Clear Books user to benefit from various things such as expenses, user settings so the user can only see certain things if they are an employee and then transfer to the payroll module with ease.

The only area which will force you for salary information is on the Open Payroll module which applies less for sole traders.

Hope that clarifies things.


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