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Question asked by Liz Knight 7 years ago

Hi I have found that a payment for stationery has been entered twice in the accounts. The VAt return has been run, so the item is reconcilled for VAT. I wish to reverse the transaction, in sage I would have just entered a bank receipt against the cost code, this would have reversed the cost against the right nominal code, and corrected the vat. But on clear books I can't allocate a receipt against an expense code.

I would journal it out, but maybe like sage journal entries, it wont get picked up on the vat return??

thank you liz

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Hi Liz,

To reverse the bill, you will need to create a purchase refund that will go into the next VAT return. You can do this by heading to Money > Manage Money > Money In. Choose the refund tab, select the relevant supplier and fill in the details.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.



Lovley thank you liz


Can we have an update on the current method of doing this in Clearbooks, as the method shown above is no longer available.



Hi Gordon,

The 'Money In' option is now located under the Money > Bank accounts section next to each of your bank accounts.

Hi Michael

Thanks for replying. The problem is there's no refund tab anymore as far as I can see, so what is the alternative.



Nothings changed on the explain page so the refund tab will still be there. Are you able to send over a screenshot of the page you're seeing?

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