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Question asked by Craig Lowe 7 years ago

It' that time of year again for us when we have to send everything to the accountant. Unfortunately like last year I can't locate adequate reports to print off for them.

What they want is a full transaction list sorted by bank account, but one which has a description of what type of transaction it was rather than just ENTITY which means nothing to the accountant really, nor does my own description etc. They NEED transaction type

Which report do I need??

Clearbooks is great to use on a daily basis but I must say it is a bit of a pain to do monthly or annual recon and accounts/reporting :(

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Under the home tab you should see Dasboard / Notifications / Users / Subscriptions.

Click Users > Invite User then complete as necessary.

Hi Craig

It would be much easier to set them up as a user, that way they can drill down into the P&L/BS and pull off reports till their hearts content.

As an accountant myself, Clear Books has every report i'd need for a small-medium sized client.

How do I do that? Or do I just share my access details?

Under the home tab you should see Dasboard / Notifications / Users / Subscriptions.

Click Users > Invite User then complete as necessary.

Hello Craig,

Kevin is correct. It will be best if you gave access to your accountant directly. They will be able to view the business as per the permissions you give. It will be much quicker as they can then make adjustments as well via Tools > Journals > Create.


Hi slightly different angle on this. Are you going to offer the option of doing all the filing of year end reports via clearboks such as Crunch offer? I'm utterly fed up with paying my accountant to do a few simple reports. They merely take the info I give them take eon to then hand it back to me pretty much the same and I confirm it (its almost Beckett like) then it goes off, whilst I pay them for this privilege.

I derive no other benefit from my current accountant and I would be keen to bypass them altogether, it would appear I am not alone as this is a prominent sales part of Crunch.


We won't be taking the approach of Crunch. The Final accounts package that we will be releasing in future will allow you to create your end of year accounts in iXBRL format (and hopefully allow you to submit via the system directly to Companies House). You can do this yourself, however I would always recommend using an accountant to make sure the submission is correct.

Ok thanks for the update John. What about the self assesment side?

On recommending using an accountant - does anyone know of any good ones using clearbooks (maybe in London) as mine is one step below useless.


Hi @ Support ICS ;-)

Is there a pm system on here or do you have a contact page / details?

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