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Subscription Cost

Question asked by Robert Wilkinson 6 years ago

I believe I've sent at least two emails requesting if the subscription costs can be reduced from the £20 a month it currently costs me but have yet had no reply.

I've been using Clearbooks since 2011 and have spoken about it in glowing terms to friends and colleagues at every point. I work on my own and am amazed that the subscription cost has been increased to £20 per month from £6 I was paying.

Please can you tell me if you are able to reduce this?

Thank you in advance of a reply.


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Hi Robert,

I've just attempted to call you, though it appears you are busy.

I've left a voice mail with my direct line on it, but I shall pop you an email to ensure you're able to get back in touch with me.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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