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Question asked by Gordon Batchelor 8 years ago

I notice that Clearbooks were talking to Nest a few months ago. Has there been any progress and what, if any, features will be added to Open Payroll to help with Pension auto enrolment?



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Hi Gordon,

We are aware of the introduction of these changes and the need for Clear Books to take note of them within our system. Currently, however, we are still looking into the specifics and exactly how we could incorporate auto enrolment into our software. As soon as we have something more definite we will let you know.

Many Thanks


Hi ,

Is there any further news on this please? I am considering bring my enrolment date forward as a benefit to staff and really want to have a solution that is as integrated as possible.

thanks James

Hi James,

Currently this is being worked on and we hope to have this rolled out to go with the changes in the new year.



Has any progress been made on this? With a new payroll year starting in a couple of months time I need to know whether or not to change payroll software to cope with auto enrolment. Regards


Hi Gordon,

We do still plan to do this, however there is no date as yet for when it will be implemented.


Hi Chris,

While I appreciate you cannot give a date yet are we talking weeks, months, years?


Ok, has it been decided what the auto enrolment package will be able to do?

I'll have to ask the development team for you Gordon. I will let you know

Chris, Have you asked the development team? The clock is ticking and decisions have to be made, I doubt that I am the only one looking/waiting for answers.



I spoke to Paul the other day Gordon and believe it's high on the agenda. We didn't talk timescales though i'm afraid, perhaps Paul will see this next time he pokes his head in here...

Hope you're well by the way.

Hi Kevin, I spoke to Paul when we were at CBCE and I know that VAT MOSS was top of the priorities but as I want to start getting used to AR before any client deadlines approach ( I will set it up for my own company first) I was hoping to be able to use Open Payroll.

I would also be interested to know the where we stand on this. My staging date is not until 1st July 2016 , but need to start getting prepared, part of which is knowing the payroll software that we're using will handle it.

I just had a meeting with a Pension Planner. I wanted to be able to say that Clearbooks is providing our Auto-Enrolment Compliance documentation. I know that there are extant solutions that could be bolted-on, but I would prefer an integrated system to run within the payroll process and not have to run a secondary system.

Whilst our staging date is a little more than a year away I do not wish to have to wait until then to have a solution on tap. There is record keeping to be done for each employee in the period between now and then. There are letters to write, responses needing to be logged, or chased up until either each employee is Auto-Enroled within a pension or all the documentation for why they are not Auto-Enrolled and the reminder systems set-up to ensure such reviews that become necessary are carried out and recorded.

Clearbooks Payroll solution and integration to RTI is a joy to work with and I expect the same for Auto-Enrolment, but when will it arrive in a useable form?

I too am getting anxious to be assured that a Clearbooks / Open Payroll solution is on its way. I am starting to assume that the absence of any Roadmap 1 year out from my staging date, means the likelihood of a working solution being available by then is dwindling, and so I may reluctantly have to consider a move to a integrated product set to that ticks all my boxes - Sage perhaps.

My staging date is April 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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