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Question asked by Alec MacKendrick 8 years ago


Here's the summary: We had a client that owed us £1250. She paid us £650 twice. That's £50 too much. We paid her back £50.

I've tried allocating the transactions to the invoice, but I only seem to get a message telling me that it doesn't all add up.

Here's the details in our account: Client: Payne, Invoice SI000113, Payment 1: £650 Statement 76, Payment 2: £650 Statement 77, Payment 3: £-50 Statement 78

I had a look here, but it didn't seem to help:

Since I don't have any unallocated cash.

And I couldn't figure this one out.

We're not likely to do more work for her, so can't knock it off a future bill and anyway, we refunded her.

Please could you help?



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Settings > Codes > Create

Call it Overpayments, tick show in sales and putting it within Trade Creditors should be fine (doesn't hugely matter).

Allocate the first 650 against the 1250 invoice as normal but on the second payment only allocate the 600. The remaining 50 can then be posted directly to Overpayments via the add transaction function as below:


Then for the refund do this:


Thanks Kevin.

I followed your instructions. Worked a treat. I didn't realise I could allocate part of a transaction to an invoice. Looking back at the two support guides I found, they seem overly complicated.

Thanks again.


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