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Question asked by Elaine Roscoe 6 years ago


Can you still access your information/accounts in Clearbooks even through subscription has been cancelled?


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Hello Elaine,

Currently, once the account has been closed or their subscription has been stopped, they will have access to the Clear Books Accounts module until the end date they have paid up until.

Beyond this point, there is no option to have a read only account. You can request access to and would give you a couple of days to access and export your data. if needed.


Dear Vanish,

I've been using Clearbooks for four years, but this year I've become a Ltd company and I've got a new accountant. They include a new Clearbooks account as part of the package.

I can't afford to pay for two accounts @ £24 per month.

My old Clearbooks sole trader account has got all my records on it. I've now closed it and I've created a backup today.

If I have a VAT inspection or some other check up from HMRC can I open an account and restore the back up and re-access my accounts?

Kind regards, Brian Jenner

Hi Brian

Yes, please take a full backup today.

In future when you need to access the accounts for VAT/HMRC purposes, we can assign you a new account and restore from backup.

All the best in trading as Limited company.

Please do continue to use the community forum though you have the help of your accountants now.

Hope this helps.

Best regards


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