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We sell some items at prices with 4 decimal places e.g  £0.1098 each, I can enter these unit prices on a New Stock item but when it saves it rounds up to 2 decimal places

Would it be possible to increase the number of decimal places of all fields in Clear Books?

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A customer pointed out to me today that my invoice was lower than their PO.
This is the reason why, essential feature IMO!

I have the same problem - it's very frustrating.
I raise an invoice with unit prices of 0.008 but these are rounded up to 0.01 on the invoice. I end up with line entries like this:

Widgets 50,000 @ 0.01 = £400

Obviously this looks bad when invoicing clients as the maths is just wrong and I have to put a note on the invoice explaining my account system isn't capable of more than 2 decimal places, but that the correct amount is 0.008 per unit.

There's a further bug that if you then go back and edit the invoice the gross amounts are recalculated so what should have been 50,000 x 0.008 =£400 but shows as 50,000 x 0.01 = £400 on a pdf is then changed to 50,000 x 0.01 = £500 - if you print out the pdf again you end up charging 0.01 and not 0.008.
If I have a large invoice and need to add items or make a small adjustment I then have to go back to every line item and re-adjust from 0.01 to 0.008. I missed this one an invoice to a client and accidentally over billed them - this caused problems with the client.

We just had another problem today - we wanted to retrospectively go back and change some projects on an invoice that has now been paid. When we open the invoice we are able to change the project, however because the decimal places have been rounded the gross amount is incorrect and we get an error. We can't edit the individual value per item back to the 4 decimal places we need as the invoice has been paid and clearbooks doesn't allow you to edit the item price after payment has been received.

Very disappointed at this.

Not so much a problem with issuing Customer's invoices for us, more a major problem when entering suppliers bills. Some of our purchases are in 100's and net down to 3 decimal places. Please sort.

I still need this! On every invoice I have to enter supplementary details to say "xxx product was charged at 0.004. YYY product was charged at 0.005"

Rounding issue, unit price, two or four decimals places... : CB allows input of four decimal places then rounds to two decimal places while using un-rounded figures (e.g. for VAT return).

I had a problem with this again today - this is the 7th most popular post out of all ideas, Questions, Problems, Praise and Opportunities.
Please can the developers reply and let us know if this will be resolved?

Same issue here. We sell minutes of telecom and need 4 decimals.

Provide a 3 point decimal for rates instead of rounding to nearest amount. : As of now when costs /Rates are entered in the system it rounds off to the nearest amount. We would like to keep at least a 3 point decimal so that the right rates reflect in P.O and invoices

We still have this problem, we still receive calls from customer complaining we have calculated the per unit price incorrectly and have to explain. It looks bad, like we are using a cheap web based accounting package instead of the "big boys"

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