Import invoices using import tool in multi-currency

Idea suggested by John Fouracre 8 years ago

We have a requirement to import large numbers of invoices to pre-existing account in Clearbooks which have  or $ as the native currency. We need to bulk import the invoices in the relevant currency. I can see that we can do this via the interface on an individual basis but how do we do this using the import tools?

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Its hard to believe this hasn't been resolved yet, 3 years on. Please take a look into this as soon as possible.

Hi Victoria,

As with all our ideas, the more comments and votes a post receives the more likely it is to be looked at by our developers. We currently have a number of projects under way which have received a high level of interest. Now that you have brought this post back to life it could well begin to receive more activity. Please do keep an eye out for any updates.



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