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Idea suggested by Steve Macklin 9 years ago

When i create a new customer the email reminder section is set to 'opt out'.
Is there a default setting so these can be 'opt in'?

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Yes please, this would be much better! It would be useful to be able to do some sort of report to see which customers are opted in and out for each of the 3 options in this section.

I agree. The auto-emails are a great feature. I'd prefer to opt-out if I ever needed to rather than have to opt every new client in. We have 4 new clients a day and the process of trying to remember to get them added is a bore.

Good morning,

Any idea if this feature will be added in? We've just realised that half of our clients are not receiving emails as we weren't aware of the defaulted Opt-Out option!

Many thanks

Tom (Nottingham)

I've switched to a different product for my clients as this an a number of other features seem to either be ignored or they're just "not important enough for enough people" because they don;t vote in these forums. Frustrating

Hi Tom

This feature is not on our immediate road map but I appreciate that this is frustrating so we can update the clients for you to make sure they are opted in to receive emails. Please could you send a list of the clients that need to be opted in to and we will update this for you.

Steven, I am sorry to hear that you have switched to another product because of this. We have a road map but try to incorporate as many ideas from the community as possible given development resources.



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