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Idea suggested by Bob Geal 8 years ago

I'd like to suggest that if there are attachments to an invoice, there is an option to automatically send the attachments to the customer. We only attach files to an invoice if the customer needs to see them; e.g. expense receipts. At the moment it is possible to manually attach files to the email sent but if automatic emailing is turned on there is no opportunity to do this.

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Hi Bob - my initial query on this would be, how would the system know what attachment to pick up for each auto invoice emails?

I think this is a great suggestion. It would be great if documents attached to an invoice could be automatically attached when the invoice is emailed. Perhaps this functionality could be made as an option so that it doesn't have adverse effects for users who don't want to have this function.

Hi Paul,

It wold be the attachments already attached to the invoice. Although they are attached to the invoice they do not get sent to the customer.



Thanks Bob - Ahhh, that makes sense, just added my vote

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