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Idea suggested by Liam McLaughlin 6 years ago

I would like to select all unpaid bills for a supplier, and have the equivalent of Quickpay. By this I mean Clearbooks adds up all the outstanding bills (or ones I check off in BILLS-UNPAID view) and reports the total outstanding, automatically creates a payment, and automatically allocates that payment to the bills I am paying in one go. My previous accounting software did this fine - I selected a supplier, I could select PAY ALL or just check the bills I want to pay, and it gave me a total figure that I could then transfer to them. Automatically I then have a remittance listing all bills paid that goes to my supplier and my allocations at my end are also all done.

If not possible, feature request?

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Hi Liam,

There is a way to do this.

The best way is to create a money out transaction via Money > Manage Money > Money Out for the total amount of all the bills combined. Then, when explaining the payment set it to the suppliers name. This will then bring up a full list of all the bills for them and distribute the amount between them. You then have to simply allocate the right amount to each (the amount should automatically be generated).

I hope this helps


Yes except the initial step MONEY OUT needs me to have already gone to the supplier page and found the total outstanding and then typed that into the manage money box and to then go back again and allocate that to the Bills. This could so easily be automated. Either check a list of bills and hit quickpay and have it give you a total figure and you pay it then it automatically creates a money out and allocates it, or go to a supplier page (or a new Pay Supplier page) and hit pay bills and have a list of all that suppliers bills that you can check to include or not in this payment

I see. The method described above also works for existing payments on the bank statement. You select the name and it generates unpaid bills. I will move this to the ideas page so that it can be considered for future development.

OK thanks.

On my previous software it worked as a PAY BILLS section, you then selected a supplier and were presented with a list of outstanding bills. You could PAY ALL or check off the ones you want to pay, you got the total figure to write a check or send a BACS or whatever, and all software automatically makes an entry for the bank and does the allocation and allows you to then print or email remittance.

I asked for this to be put on the future development a few weeks ago it is really important for many of my clients and not having it really lets the program down. Its such a basic requirement. So please can your developers get it sorted asap then I can put more of my clients onto the program.

Currently going through a gruelling pile of invoices to pay which would have taken literally half the time if the payment method on this software was better. Please can we get this right up in the development list to near the top and get it done. It can't be hard, the functionality is pretty much all in the software it's the having to navigate multiple windows to work out what is owed in total to each supplier then make the payment (which should at least auto-populate the total when you go from the statement screen) and then auto-allocate that payment back out again

Little bump, 10 months since I posted it the payment process is the same. Should be so simple to be viewing a supplier statement and have a link under unpaid bills to create a payment that pays them all or ones that I have selected a checkbox next to. I then know how much to pay them and tap that into my online banking in another window and job is done.

Why the convoluted method at the moment that relies on my first having to work out how much I owe them, making up that payment, then going and allocating that payment back to the bills I want it allocated to. Pointlessly inefficient and surely a tiny amount of surface programming to integrate?

Actually Liam, we need to be able to see the credits available in the unpaid bills list so that they are not forgotten. I have had clients paying bills without first checking if there is a credit available, yes I know that this information is at the bottom of the bill IF you are paying directly from the bill itself. But if you are looking for un paid bills that information is not there on the page.

There is also another problem with the unpaid bill page and that is if you have a supplier as I do on one of my major clients who has pages and pages of un paid bills on each month when you are checking against the supplier statement the moment you go to page two all the ticks on page one go this is very frustrating if you need to look back again. I end up with pages of notes each time regarding invoices not on the system or on at an incorrect amount etc etc.

Still think the program is great though. Oh and when is the verification of CIS going to be working

If you are on the statement page for a supplier Paid and Unpaid Bills and Credit Notes yet to be allocated are all listed. It would not be hard put credit notes listed between unpaid and paid bills, have all items have a checkbox each, then a function at the bottom to pay selected which would on the fly deduct any credit notes selected and give you a final figure to pay. As I said in my original post, the big accounting softwares all have a feature similar to this to get through large amounts of payments easily. The current way only means there is room for human error

Hi Liam and Janet,

Thank you for your comments and your feedback.

This request has been raised in our system as an improvement, but unfortunately as our Development Resource is limited and other things are taking a higher priority at the moment I can't say when they might get on to implementing it.

My development colleagues tell me that unfortunately the changes required to implement this would not be as simple or quick as you might hope. Apparently making changes to functionality in those screens requires interacting with some early procedural code in the system, which has to be done very carefully and diligently to achieve the desired affect without breaking anything else.

All the best

That is a shame that it can't be done so easily. Is there an interim solution for example a quickpay box that auto populates taking into account all bills and credits either to date or that are selected so that at least it adds up the total and registers it as a payment in one process?

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