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As we communicated to all our customers back in May, we have listened to your ideas and have created a new high level short term and long term product roadmap which you can read here. We have temporarily disabled the ideas section in our Community for at least the next six months. Whilst we execute the milestones on this roadmap we do not want to set any false expectation that other ideas will be implemented.

Your ideas have not been deleted, just hidden. We will revisit them, and any new ideas you might have, when our projects on the product roadmap have been deployed.

Suggested changes to Management Report

Idea suggested by Chris Scullard 3 years ago

Hi. I was wondering if it's possible to make a couple of changes to the management report. In short the pdf view can only handle eight columns of data, which given there is 12 months in the year is a shame. Also the P&L shows the various amounts by month which is great, but doesn't show the year to date total which is a pretty fundamental figure.

In summary what I'd like to see in the management report is:

Ability to include 12 months data rather than 8 P&L to show total of all individual columns (year to date P&L figure)

If this means the report has to be landscape rather than portrait that's not an issue.

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To add to this, i'd like to be able to show a specific month against the YTD figures - most i've seen in the past work like that.

Agree with what's been said here.

The report only mentions the month that it runs up to if the aged debtors/creditors reports are included and they're a the end of the report. Other than that, there's no indication of the date that the report covers at all.

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