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Idea suggested by Neil Williams 10 years ago


We love using clearbooks and have recently started to use Zapier to integration the different services we use to streamline our business processes.

Is there any chance you development team could look into adding Clearbooks API onto Zapier?

This would be a great asset for your existing companies and getting features as part of the possible apps to link up with on Zapiers app directory could give clearbooks some extra publicity ;)



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I'd just like to second this, it would be VERY useful.

Is this gonna happen?

Clearbooks is really far behind the likes of Freeagent and Xero in this instance. Im constantly having to re-key stuff. :(


It would be excellent to have this feature???

Hi Iain,

As you can see from our Product Roadmap published last year, improvements to our integrations, including the development of new ones, are planned.

A recent update on our blog details what we are currently working on (which does not include integrations at the moment, unfortunately).

I hope this helps.

All the best

Hi David,

No word, unfortunately. We have no current plans to integrate with Zapier. This request has been logged with our customer suggestions for consideration. If there is ever an update, it will likely be announced via blog post or newsletter.

Hi, still no plans to integrate with Zapier?

Hi Tatiana,

We do not have plans at this moment in time but I will make a note of your suggestion and feed this on to our tech team for their consideration.

Kind regards,


this would be an extremely useful integration!

Anyone is connected to Zapier these days. It is so much convenient. I have many developers but no way they have time on doing an API integration. A customer since 2011 but now I have to consider an alternative to Clearbooks to have proper automation. Clearbooks used to be ahead of the competition but not anymore unfortunately.

Please can you add zapier integration! It's very much needed

Hi Sheldon,

Our Product Roadmap is currently at full capacity. Our Product team will review our list of customer requests once we free up some capacity.


Zapier integration is now an absolute must-have feature. We really need this otherwise we'll be forced to use another system which has Zapier integration. There are plenty to choose from but we'd prefer to keep using Clearbooks if possible. Will Zapier integration happen?

agreed, another question- if this request hits 10 years without making it on the road map, as the original author can you send me a cake to eat while i manually copy data between systems as there is still no integration?

Any news on this?

Clearbooks is really lacking in this area

Development of a Clear Books Zapier app is now in progress, with support for purchases to start with. We're actively seeking input to ensure the app aligns with your specific integration needs. We encourage those who are interested in exploring the app's initial capabilities to get in touch at your convenience. If you'd like to participate in the beta phase of development and provide direct feedback, please contact

Hi Pete Jones,

I'm mostly interested in being able to automatically generate and send invoices from Clearbooks using data from another application such as and, vice versa, for to be updated when invoice status changes in Clearbooks e.g. from due to paid.

Thanks, Ian

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