Announcement: Budgets are back

News posted by Pete Jones 1 month ago

We're excited to announce the launch of our new Budgets feature!

You can create multiple budgets to track various aspects of your business performance, such as actuals vs. initial budgets, revised forecasts, or specific project outcomes.

Our Budgets feature offers flexibility, allowing you to define custom periods and track performance on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or any other basis that suits your needs.

Simple setup

No prescribed budget periods, so you enter only what you need. For flexible planning, budgets are independent of your financial period, too.


Customisable comparison report

Customise the default report by adding your own columns with adjustable date, budget, project and comparison options.


Get started now

Available on select plans now, log in and get started with your first budget. Looking for more help? Check out our detailed support guide here or watch the demo video here.

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Looks really goo, a nice new feature ?

I watched the video, and at 1min 50 you are showing a P&L comparison report. Can you save your personalised view so you don't have to enter the criteria every time?

Hi Claire. We're really glad you like this update.

The Profit and Loss comparison report will remember your settings whilst you are logged in to Clear Books, so you don't need to re-enter your criteria every time.



The new budget system is very good.

Is my understanding of the following points correct.

  1. If you log out of ClearBooks the additional columns added are lost. - e.g. year to date columns ended but lost when logged back in.

  2. To include project values the Project needs to be in Open status not Closed. - e.g. comparing with a similar Project from a previous closed year and project.

Thanks for help


Hi Keith

I'm really pleased to hear that you like this feature. Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, when you log out of Clear Books the profit and loss comparison report column settings will be reset to the defaults. We have a work item on our backlog to persist the column settings beyond each log in session. I'll add your request to that item to help us prioritise.

No, you should be able to report on closed projects but as you mentioned, they were not selectable. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have updated the report so you can select any open or closed project in the profit and loss comparison report now.


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