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Idea suggested by Ros Northmore 7 years ago

Does any one else think that it would be useful to have another heading for "Tips & tricks" in the community, where we can share the things we pick up along the way?

These don't naturally fall into the other sections but would be really useful.

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Hi there Ros, thank you for this idea! I picked this tread up from the "Editing forum posts" you posted recently.

This is a really neat idea which I will forward as a possible future improvement to the team for the Community. We'd also love to give our users a tool to communicate with each other about accounting and business in general. Just to maintain expectations, features not on the accounting app will not be super high on the Clear Books to-do list, but I'll try my best and see what I can do :)

If you have any tips and tricks you've found on Clear Books, please impart your wisdom on us.

Thank you again for your contribution to the forum, and sorry for the very very slow response.

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