Matching payments on bank statements to supplier invoices / income to customer invoices

Idea suggested by Graeme Loudain 10 years ago

I am sure this has been suggested already, but it might have got lost in the multitude of changes.

Kevin included it is his ideas as a broad suggestion:- Improve the invoices suggestions for the allocation process. (CB reply- This is a momentous task algorithmically - if there are 100 unallocated invoices, to find a pair that tally would require nearly 5000 comparisons. We will be researching this soon, but if we can improve most likely this will happen with the new design.)

My suggestion is a bit more specific. When there is a value to explain after a bank statement has been imported, that CB brings up a list of all unpaid invoices with that exact value as suggested matches. No need to worry about multiple combinations on invoices.


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Although this thread is from some time ago, I wanted to respond that this improvement was implemented.

Exact value unpaid invoice/bill matches are listed by default when explaining bank transactions. See this support guide for more information.

Thank you, I have noticed. Great implementation.

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