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Idea suggested by Simon Baring 10 years ago

It would be really great, if, when searching for an invoice using the search box in the top right, if it could have some indication of whether the invoices in the search list preview are paid or not and maybe even a date of payment. It would save me a ton of click and scroll time.

Just a thought... .thanks!


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Any movement/thoughts on this?

Yes this would be awesome - I have tagged this with UX for our UX team to review.

Hello :)

I am pleased to say that this has been implemented as part of our navigation re-design called 'Minimaal Navigation' - see it in action below:


To benefit from this awesome new feature please turn Minimaal Navigation on under 'Labs' -


p.s. Any chance to add the date is was paid to the info??


With regards to adding the date we will consider this and investigate accordingly, but first there are other things to change.

I'm having some issues with the search bar function....

When I search for something, the search bar says it doesn't exist (in the preview) but if I hit 'enter' and do a proper search then it comes up...




Hi Simon,

Is there a particular info type of details this happens for, or is it a case of anything you search for?


I haven't noticed a particular correlation yet. Will keep my eyes open. Just the odd supplier!

It might possibly be dependent on which user of our system input the invoice? I haven't tested this though...

Thanks Simon,

I am sure it won't be dependent on the user who input the details, but that is interesting. I will have a look into this too.


It seems to happen more with Clients than with Suppliers actually...

p.s. I like the new colours when creating bills / invoices.

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