Remittance per payment rather than invoice

Idea suggested by Karen Wells 12 years ago

I send remittances on the day the money has been transferred, otherwise we find that suppliers just apply the money and inevitably they do not pay the same invoices as us and so the ledgers end up out of sync! (very annoying, but it is surprising the number companies that do this!!!)

As explained, and as you can see below, we often pay several invoice in one payment, so really cannot be sending suppliers and email for EACH invoice paid.

In each remittance email suppliers need to know,

a) total amount paid

b) invoice amounts or numbers  (if we can have both, it would be very good)

c) credits note amounts or numbers

d) which invoice credit was applied to


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Absolutely right! We are coming up to our first monthly payment run using ClearBooks and wondering how to sort it? Could be tricky, it need sorting, please.

This feature would be great, returning bills marked as paid is a pain

This is a fantastic idea !, not difficult in fact but would make a good system, better ! Technical team - When will it be done ?

How many "likes" do we need to get it done soon ?

This is our main bugbear with CB. We have lots of scrappy workarounds, none satisfactory. How many likes does it need?

but it does not show the credit notes applied. Only the net balance. Which makes it look like you are underpaying invoices. Needs to show credit notes too.

I totally agree with Paul, I've had the same issue as suppliers couldn't see credit notes applied.

Hi Paul & Małgorzata, Credit notes is not currently a feature on the remittances. So, rather than commenting on this thread which has already been marked as 'implemented' I have created a fresh idea in Paul's name, as it is unlikely to be picked up by our team otherwise. If you would like to go into the idea and lend it your support then it will have more chance of being prioritised by the developers.

Many Thanks


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