Would you like the Dividend tool to handle more than one class of share?

Idea suggested by Paul Scholes 9 years ago

Further to these two posts: https://secure.clearbooks.co.uk/community/problems/12423/different-share-types AND https://secure.clearbooks.co.uk/community/questions/12580/can-clearbooks-cope-with-2-classes-of-shares

How many people would like to see the ability of the Dividend tool to be able to handle > one share type, eg "A" and "B" shares?

Please vote for this and let us know if you would need more than 2 types.

Many thanks

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Definitely - no brainer.

Hello Hello - don't you have a bed to go to Mr D?

Another late one tonight i'm afraid, not enough hours Mr S...

I also need this. We have 4 different share classes, seems silly to only have one share class on Clearbooks - I guess if there's only one shareholder that happens but a lot of companies with more than 1 shareholder have more than 1 class.

Any idea if this feature will be added? If not how can I work around this?

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