Assigning different lines on a single invoice to different projects??

Idea suggested by Simon Baring 9 years ago

Please please could we have the ability to assign different items on an invoice to different projects?

Currently only able to assign a whole invoice to a single project. Splitting it would be really really useful for me.

You could have it as a toggle so that if you activate the usual project bar at the top, then it disables the multiple project options on the invoice lines.


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Hi there :)

This feature has been implemented and can be turned like this: Settings > Toggle Features > Invoicing & expenses > Project Invoice Items



Hi there,

I'm having my first problem with this! It seems to work very well on the whole and has saved me loads of time....

but I've got one invoice that's just slipped through the Report-Other and Profit-Loss nets and just won't show up anywhere no matter how I tweak it. I have a feeling that if I completely redo the invoice and payment, that it will click in but I thought I'd bring to your attention first as it's only by total luck that I've spotted the problem.

This video should explain it.

Hi Simon,

Great to hear it's been saving you time! Thanks for the video, it was very helpful - we've had a little look and it seems to be an anomaly. Would you allow us to remove the payment, then update the invoice and reapply the payment? This should then fix it and show in your report when filtered by project.

Let me know, Hemi :)

Hi Simon,

We have fixed the 1st one for you - those line items should now show on the transaction report.

As for the other anomaly we have carried out an initial investigation and will consult our development team on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend :)

Thank you! That's now working.

Hi Hemi,

After some more analysis it appears that a few more bits are not being pulled through into the reports.

This will skew our projections and analysis quite fast so would be really good to lock off the problem.

In particular.... PUR005189 from our system.

thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Simon,

I have raised these with a developer and we are working on fixing them. If you find any more, let me know.

Enjoy your Friday, Hemi

Hello Simon,

I am currently looking into your problem, I have looked into Profit and Loss report and transactions associated with those PURs seem to be present. Can you please clarify where in the reports are you expecting to see those transactions and are not finding them?

Best regards, Volodymyr

Weirdly... having just tested the problem and then hit screen record to show you, it now appears to have pulled itself together.

Trying another one now... brb.

Hi Simon,

The one in the video should be fixed now, and the other two will be fixed on Monday.

Have a great weekend :)

Do you know what is causing it?


Unfortunately at the moment the cause is unknown, but our developers are working on it this week so hopefully we shall have an update for you soon!

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

I think it might have something to do with creating an invoice, and then going back and editing it later on.

Had a great weekend thanks. Despite a bit of the lurg!

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