Payroll: Allow automatic emailing of P45's

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 6 years ago

Just doing my first P45 and by the look of it I have to manually PDF/email?

It would be much better if these could be set to go out automatically, just like payslips.

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Hi Kevin,

So were you thinking that as soon as an employee is marked as having left this would trigger the email?

Possibly or have the same option as with payslips, to email on a specific date. I've got two P45's for Fri so i've had to create an external diary note to remember to jump back in and send them.

I see what you mean now Kevin, that does sound interesting.


Bump for this as well - I don't see why payslips and P60's can be emailed but not these?

Hi Kevin,

That's another good idea to be added to the list. The Payroll Team will be taking them all into consideration for future updates. Thanks for suggesting it, much appreciated.

All the best,


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