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Please please please, for the love of God, please include mileage claim tool. I've been waiting for this for ages and i can't believe such an essential feature is missing and no one is blowing any whistles!!!
Mileage recording and claims are day to day tasks to any business and it would be extremely useful to have a tool or a plug in even an add-on service for extra bit of money, to record and calculate mileage claims at the correct rate.
you did a super job with the whole system and this one doesn't require any extra magic above any of the tools already available and will be a great added value.

please do it. Thanks

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I second that, it would be a handy feature to have! I use separate software for this and it would be great to get it integrated.

I second that.. this is a must feature..

I dont get it - cant you just make a bill out to yourself once a month with the miles you have driven, ie 45p a mile?

Good news guys -we are working on adding mileage to the existing expenses tool - it should go live in 2 - 4 weeks!

Good news... but needs to link a smartphone app so on the go we can log our expenses...

I do this Alan. but it's a pain especially you have to watch out for how many mileage you claim in a single year before your rate drops.
it's also about linking the mileage to a particular project - keeping things under one roof is awesome.

for those who may not have come across it already, I've been using which is free to use and although lacking some basic features but it's really good. I wish clearbooks adapt a similar idea.

I'm so looking forward to it... a smartphone app would be very useful too (needless to say the whole system need to be available to Android and Blackberry users... not everyone is a member of the "i" club)

Hi all - I'm afraid that routine re-working of of the invoicing system has coincided with the work on the mileage tool. This has meant that the estimated delivery date has been pushed back to the end of the year. We are committed to making it available as soon as is possible. I'm really sorry for raising the expectations for all our users who have been waiting for this tool to be delivered.

Hi guys,

We are delighted to announce that the Mileage tool has now gone live! Thank you all very much for your input.
Don't forget to vote on other features you would like to see added to Clear Books.

How do you activate the mileage tool? I can't find it!

I notice that mileage allows selection of how many passengers but does not change the mileage rate, should this not change, for example 1 driver plus passenger = £0.45 + £0.05 i.e. £0.50 rate per mile. Why ask for passenger numbers if not to adjust the mileage rate?

Hi Alistair, Please could you email this into us by logging into your ClearBooks account and going to the 'Needs Help' section in the top right of the screen and clicking on the 'Send Message' option under 'Contact Support Team'? This will create a support ticket which will escalate it onto our technical support team. If you can give us some details and an example that would be great too.

Many Thanks


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