Payroll: Remove the need to enter PAYE refs

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 6 years ago

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I want to set the HMRC contact. However, I can't do so without also entering the PAYE refs. PAYE refs haven't arrived yet so I can either a) not import into the accounts or b) enter dummy refs then 'remember' to change them at a later date.

It would just be much better if the need wasn't forced in the first place.

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Hey Kevin,

Thank you for the feedback, it is always really useful to hear about users experience of the system. Could I ask a question to help me understand your situation.

An accurate PAYE reference is required to perform your RTI submission duties. Would you be performing the FPS on a later date when you have received the PAYE ref?

Many thanks.

Hi Adrian

Yes, the FPS would indeed be submitted at a later date once the refs arrive. I presume you could easily disable the ability to make any sort of RTI submission unless refs are present? (if not already) If so, there's no real need to force them to be input in the first place.

I've set two new payroll clients up today and both scheme apps have only just gone over to HMRC so I wont have refs for a couple of weeks. I've stuck some dummy refs in for the time being and made a note outside of the system to change them in due course it just feels like i'm tempting fate with that kind of approach.

Given our quick analysis here, the suggestion of moving this restriction to the RTI area of Payroll sounds like the best solution to this problem.

Unfortunately there isn't any work planned on improvements to the Payroll area. I have however added a brief synopsis and link to this conversation to a Payroll document which we will use when we next review the Payroll pages.

Thank you once again for your feedback.

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