Include CIS and VAT liability on dashboard

Idea suggested by Emma Boyce 10 years ago

Would it be possible to include on the home page my current CIS and VAT liability?

Whilst its good to see the current figure owed to suppliers, it does not show a total amount that I need to budget which is part of the reason my last business failed when using a competitors software package.

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hello my dashboard does seem to have a VAT liability widget, but the only problme is it seems to include onces that have already been paid!>?


I am pleased to confirm that you are now able to view CIS and VAT liability on the dashboard as the feature has been successfully implemented.

Many Thanks


Hi, how do you get the CIS liability on the dashboard? I have the VAT but cannot seem to find a option for CIS


Hi Bradley,

The feature for VAT liability has been implemented not the CIS liability. I apologise for any misunderstanding caused from my previous post.

Many thanks


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