Quick view of automatic enrolment dates

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 9 years ago

A single screen within the payroll bureau that shows all AE staging dates.

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I should have looked for someone else thinking of this! We can't be the only ones can we?

It would be nice of course but it really depends how many accountants are using it for in depth payrolls. End clients using the software themselves won't need it nor will accountants in the contractor market. Then there's those still using external payroll software as they prefer the features so you're possibly only left with a relatively small minority of folk who'd be actually interested.

I know part of the bureau dev work was paid for by a firm who predominately work with contractors but without them needing it [which they won't] I doubt there'll be anyone big enough to push this through as a priority at the mo as the payroll to-do list is fairly long.

Probably one to monitor via workflow/task management software at this point.

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