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Forecast tool request

Idea suggested by Daniel Griffiths 5 years ago

I've seen a number of posts related to forecasting on here and i know there are a few feature sets available but no complete tool. The ability to to keep an up to date forecast which combines PO's raised with approved quotes and estimates, which feed into a forecast that includes a projection of taxes and dividends is whats needed. Clearbooks has all the tools but they are yet to be combined in a practical way. For small businesses cashflow is vital and the ability it predict this in a meaningful way would be fantastic. One for the crowdfunding scheme?

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Hi Daniel

The tool sounds an interesting idea but would be quite a challenge to incorporate POs, estimates, dividends etc.

However customers who are interested in having this tool could pledge their support.

One for future development definitely.

Best regards


HI Latha,

Agreed it might be a little challenging from an integration perspective but i think you guys have produced similarly powerful tools already and this would be such an amazing addition for small businesses where cashflow is critical. We currently run a spreadsheet that replicates this calculation however we'd love to keep everything in one place on clearbooks. Having hunted around the web i've not found anything that really does this successfully so i think this could be a USP for clearbooks. Fingers crossed it gets some traction and becomes a real feature. Alternatively have you ever thought of opensourcing development for features like this?

Hi Daniel

I think you're almost in search of the holy grail here. Forecasting/cashflow can be extremely specific to the individual so a one size fits all approach would be really difficult.

Still, nice idea and I definitely think the tools currently available need expanding upon (or at least tweaking so they work properly).

Hey Kevin,

Yeah i guess so, although from our usage its mainly incoming and outgoing invoices that it would be great to get on top of and link in to a top level forecast tool. So a method to sketch in an estimate of monthly regular hard costs combined with PO's for more fluid outgoing costs such as labour (which is currently available) and then approved estimates/quotes for incomings. Those totals, maybe in a simple dashboard view, could then be represented by a calculation that also estimates VAT, Corporation tax and dividends. Appreciate that this isn't a catch all solution but my hunch is that it would suit service/creative business that manage more labour focused revenue where cost and invoices are often out of sync over the course of a contract.

I'll add it to my christmas list :)

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