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Idea suggested by Ela Skubisz 9 years ago


As a contractor we need to sent monthly statement of payments to subcontractors.

Once i process cis return i can see a PDF statement next to subcontractor's name on the return, but unfortunately i can't send it to subcontractor via clearbooks. At the moment i need to download each pdf statement and send it via outlook. This is not ideal, because it can cause errors (sending wrong statement to wrong subcontractor or simply forgetting to sent a statement as i might save it in the wrong folder or under wrong name).

Could you please add this feature to Clearbooks so that i will be able to email all monthly statements directly through clearbooks.

Thank you

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Hi Ela

I definitely agree with this. I also think the layout of the statement needs improving, it doesn't look the best at the mo compared to most systems.

I believe CIS as a whole is being looked at though so hopefully there will be some changes in due course.

Hi Ela,

Thank you for your feedback. As Kevin says, improvements to CIS are on our roadmap and hopefully we can see this implemented in the future.

Hi Richard, Kevin,

The email feature is already implemented in other areas of Clearbooks, so should be a straight forward copy-paste to bring it to CIS monthly report, right?

Having email facility will significantly reduce the pain now (saving to harddrive, subsequently emailing from outlook etc) until further improvements to CIS are made.

What do you guys think?

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