Add some recent transactions to the demo account "ClearBooks demo", to make it look like a 'live' account.

Idea suggested by David Foster 7 years ago

The idea of a demo account to try stuff out on is great in principle, but its utility is reduced when all the transactions are 2 or more years old. Means the default reporting functions don't work, and you have to click back to previous time periods, all bills are shown as 61+ days overdue....

Any transactions I add when trying stuff out seem to disappear very quickly (I assume it resets overnight?). so I can't do it myself.

At least add a couple of years onto all the existing transactions - would make it much more useful, so it looks like a live account.

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Hi David - this is a fair point and is actually in the queue of things to be done by our development team. The demo data should be updated fairly soon - I'll update this post as soon as it is done. Also you are right the demo is reset each night.

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