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Idea suggested by Taras Vynnytskyy 9 years ago


Please add email functionality to CIS reports, to enable sending report to contractors from Clearbooks. Email is enabled on sales invoices, purchases but not on CIS. With 20 contractors, it takes really long time.

I think this was suggested couple of times before but ignored.

Thanks Taras

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Thanks Taras - there are lots of improvements to CIS to come - I'll make sure the product development team are aware of this one too!

Hi John,

Can you share a rough timelines for CIS improvements?

Could I add my two penny worth to that request please. I was phoned yesterday by Xero again who are constantly on my case to use them for all of my clients, and this time when I said the usual no good to me without CIS I was informed that there was now an add on which dealt with CIS available. I don't want to get involved with them I like this package and the company but you are losing a big advantage now because that was the only thing that made me chose CBs in the first place. I know other users have said the same.

Has this idea been implemented yet as I cannot seem to find it and this topic does seem quite old now

I am afraid still no action from CB on this

Hello All,

This is actually on our current Roadmap, due to be implemented later this year. Please keep an eye out for future updates.

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