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Idea suggested by Simon Jackson 6 years ago

Following on from a Problem post, it would be really useful if you could search for an invoice (sale or purchase), or credit note, by just typing the full ID into the Search box.

At the moment, it generally brings up the associated payment record, as the Description field happens to have the ID in, so not very useful, e.g.:


I've search in the forum for others suggesting this, but can only find the above 'Problem' posting. Hopefully the community would also find this useful; let's see!

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Hi Simon,

Thanks for taking the time to suggest this. It makes sense to be able to search for invoices and credit notes by ID numbers. Hopefully it is something that can be reviewed as a future improvement by the development team.

All the best and have a great day :-)


Thanks for your reply, Natasha. It would be great if the Dev team could do this, and I don't think it will be too difficult, just adding another dimension to the search index... but I'm no web app developer!

Hi Simon,

I have forwarded on the suggestion to the Dev team, so they should be reviewing it soon. It would be a good improvement for the search tool.

Kind Regards,


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