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Idea suggested by Pete Church 12 years ago

Add the ability to specify the currency on Imports. When uploading a whole load of transactions it would be good to be able to specify which currency they are in. It should be possible to specify the 3 digit currency code, and let Clearbooks work out the forex.

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Yes. Basic stuff

Big like and very needed. Especially if ClearBooks is focussing on World Domination...

I think they really understand the flexibility and give the user a lot of options. Although, some required functions are missing.

2 Years Later and we still can't import Foreign Currency invoices.

Unless this is resolved soon I am going to have to start using another provider who understands that these relatively simple features are essential

Yes Andy, this does not seem to have improved. Foreign currency is very useful (we work in 5 currencies) and generally seamless, but it just doesn't appear in some places you would expect it. It would be handy if someone looked over the whole build and fixed all the areas where currency is "assumed".

Overall I am a big Fan of Clearbooks. But they seem to have spent a fair amount of time building fluffy add-ons and ignoring the core of the product. Many UK businesses will use Foreign Currencies and without a full set of tools those same businesses may well be better off with another product. Which is a shame. At least Foreign Currency bank accounts can be imported now.


Sorry for the lack of response.

There is a way to import the bank account for different currencies. I will be using USD as an example.

So long at the invoice has been created with the USD currency rate used, you will be able to allocate a bank import and then connect it to the invoice.

Conduct a normal bank import for the USD amounts as per your USD bank statement.

When you import that statement, you will be given the option to allocate the dollar amount to the GBP invoice/bill. The issue with this is that you will need to enter the rate in manually for the day it refers to. This is because the transaction on the bank will be set to the market rate. Any remaining amount will be then FX'd as a forex movement.

At the moment, leaving the FX rate as blank will result in an error and Clear Books will not be using the daily rate from


This is something that would make a huge difference to us as well as manually creating invoices is such a time consuming task. For an issue that can be easily fixed by say adding a 'Currency' column to the .csv file, I can't believe it hasn't been resolved yet! Extremely frustrating and if not for the other handy features, I would definitely be looking for a different accounting system now as being able to import ONLY in your base currency is such a let down.

I agree wholeheartedly that it shouldn't be very complicated to accept an optional Currency column in the csv for invoice import as you accept multi-currency in so many other places. It is extremely time consuming to enter each invoice manually (and also prone to human error).

Or, alternatively allow the user during import to specify default currency of import.

I hope you will resolve this soon as for your software (which I think is great, btw) to be truly usable (and efficient) for international businesses, the multi-currency features should be more complete.


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