Payroll: Import method for new staff members

Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 7 years ago

There needs to be an option to import new staff members via csv. We've just taken on a payroll of 45 with another 40 coming on board next month - inputting them one by one isn't much fun and leaves it open to human error.

I know suppliers can be imported into the accounting app but that's pretty limited in terms of the info you can add so it's all but pointless.

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To go a step further too, there should also be an export method for employee data (forgive me if there is, couldn't see it).

At present, should this particular client decide to leave or if we had to move them over to another package we'd be left taking 85 screenshots - not much fun and obviously not particularly useful in terms of uploading them into the elsewhere.

Hello Kevin,

This is one we all agree needs to be implemented at some point. Being able to import and export payroll is something that would be a hugely time-saving feature. The focus of the dev's currently is on improving speed and performance of the software as a whole, but I'm pushing for this to be reviewed for implementation. I will keep you posted on any developments regarding this.

As always, I'm happy to help with any data entry if needed.

All the best,


Pushing hard then? 3 years later and the feature still doesn't exist.

As development roadmaps are drawn up once per year, it is likely that larger/more beneficial to product development projects have taken precedence since then.

This issue is still with our customer suggestions for further review.

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