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Can you create reversing journals ? : These are brilliant for accruals etc.
Can use for management accounts or end of year accounts and saves having to reverse manually, triggered by the date moving on one day.

Reversing journals should be a standard feature, especially for Accountants who do year end adjustments. Not having this feature is a pain when having to recreate the same journal again from debits to credits and visa versa ! Also need reversing journals for producing monthly or quarterly management accounts

reversing journals : Do you have plans to implement reversing journals?

Hi everyone, just to let you know that this feature has now been implemented. Enjoy!

you need to switch it on Go to Settings > Configure system > Toggle features > Accounting then put a tick in the relevant checkbox and when you go back to journals, you should see the option there

Good luck

hi Tim, what we have done is accidentally removed fixed assets from our register while we was trying to delete just the depreciation amounts set against each asset but we need to get these all back in but cannot find the data to retrieve can you help

Hi David,

Please will you send us an email (contact support) with any more details that you may have and your business name?

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