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Idea suggested by Taras Vynnytskyy 5 years ago

Hello CB

From client's perspective it would be good to understand what CB's improvements roadmap is, what you are focusing on and, equally important, when it will be implemented. There is a number of weak areas in solution, as with any other solution of course. From our perspective (construction company) 2 main areas we would like to be improved are:

CIS - very limited functionality and reporting, verification feature does not work (and your support team just gave up on us, so we need to do through HMRC website each time), CIS figures are not visible in supplier's full statement, cannot produce annual report, cannot email monthly return to each contractor etc etc. CIS is/was your USP amongst cloud based products. On this forum there have been a number of statements that improvements are coming. But what improvements and when?

Projects feature/report - very limited, not practical, cannot export into csv/excel, cannot sort projects in any order etc. Recent change (No Project disappeared) just undermined our ability to see P&L broken down into all projects etc.

I understand that companies in other industries may want other things to be strengthened and everyone cannot be pleased. From business point of view having some sort of understanding (1) if the critical for us issue is looked at or it will remain as it is, and (2) when to expect an improvement, would allow us to make a decision if to stick to CB or look for an alternative solution. Communication is the key.

Best regards, Taras

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Agreed - it is really important for client confidence in a product to see exactly what is being worked on and when it will be implemented.

in terms of roadmap management, the next three months should be locked down, the three months after that should have the ability to move slightly and the 6 months after that should be a list of ideas for improvement that customers and other stakeholders can contribute to and influence the selection of.

The rate of adoption will show customers what kind of future resourcing they are getting for their subscriptions. Leaving us blind will typically result in year-end departures by dissatisfied customers.

The lack of transparency is made more acute by the lack of a proper full-function API. Were that to exist, it would be easy for customers like Taras to bring in a small amount of resource to build a partial skin to provide that functionality. At the moment any skin has to use scraping and with the current terrible performance of the clearbooks servers, this is a less than optimal solution.

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