Integration with a credit reference agency?

Idea suggested by Paul Green 5 years ago

Hiya, more brainstorming. in a similar way to the companies house integration, it'd be lovely to have a credit reference partner which could appear on a customer's primary data screen if we provided our account information - just to give key trafficlight information. We use Creditsafe, but whether Creditsafe or Experian, I'd be open to moving if we could get good up to date information on the front screen.

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I've just spoken to Experian with view to moving from Creditsafe in the next few months, and the sales person stated that they already intergate with several accounts packages, and would be interested in furthering that integration.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Hopefully it is something our Development Team could look at implementing in the future.

All the best

A year on, did they look further in to this?

Hi Paul, this is still on the development list of ideas, however, we are currently coming close to the completion of a subscription system update and then we have things like mobile, invoice themes and Stripe on the more immediate projects on our roadmap.

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