Batch Invoice Entry

Idea suggested by Tony Crundell 9 years ago

Could we move batch invoice entry from tools to the purchases section

this would make it a lot easier and quicker to access

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Hi Tony,

Thank you for you suggestion. Having the batch invoice creator in with the import tools probably is a little counter intuitive.

I am sure our Development Team could look at moving it to somewhere more obvious.

All the best.

Hi Tony - great idea.

Don't know if you've tried the new navigation menus in "Preview" but there have been several shuffles of existing features and this would get my vote for an extra one. You're right this is not an Import function..

Being technically correct, Batch Invoices should go to the Sales menu, possible Invoices sub menu? and Batch Bills to Purchases possibly Bills sub menu.

I'll add it to the list with the team.

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