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Idea suggested by Kevin Doran 9 years ago

Clients being asked to check tax codes before being able to process although all codes have already been amended - very annoying.

Period is automatically defaulting to 15/16 meaning once they've re-confirmed the tax codes [unnecessarily] they're being redirected to 15/16 and having to manually select 16/17.

If the the year is clearly wrapped up and the next payment date falls into 16/17 I think that's where the period screen should default to.

No major need to reply, just a spot of feedback...

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PS This same client P45'd a handful of employees the other day and now all the end dates have been removed so he's having to add them again.

PPS Loads of the start dates were missing too so when the tax codes were amended the client had to go back through his files to check the start date before being able to save the new tax code.

Now getting this error msg:


The tax codes have already been updated so why the system is forcing me to process the employees individually instead of in bulk just so the tax codes can be reconfirmed is beyond me.

Again, just feedback rather than anything I need a specific reply to.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the feedback. I have already passed on it on to the Dev's to review, but just to let you know:

In regards to the first point; this should start defaulting but it seems the system is just being a little slow in some areas of the module. As such, I have raised this as an improvement. But it should default to the current year at some point.

The second issue, the start date problem is already being looked into. But I have updated the task with the information you provided regarding the end dates disappearing, after issuing P45's. So they can include this in their current investigation.

The final comment, this appears to be a defect and I have now raised it as such on the system.

As soon as we get any updates from the team, I will let you know.

All the best,


[thumbs up emoji] - Thank you as ever!

Hi Kevin,

Just a quick question regarding the tax code error message, were you bulk processing via the payroll bureau or within payroll itself? Or was the message appearing on both methods?

Many thanks :-)


Hi Natasha

I don't think i've ever used the bureau to bulk process so it would've just been within the normal payroll app.

Thanks for confirming, Kevin. I will pass that on to the devs.

Kind Regards,


Just to confirm, the tax codes were amended off our own back prior to trying to process the payroll which is i'm guessing why the error msg was appearing.

Going forward i'd suggest a simple warning msg to say something along the lines of 'have you reviewed your tax code for 20xx' rather than actually making it mandatory. I'd also suggest all standard codes [like 1060L for last year] automatically change to the standard code for the following year [1100L this time]. Anyone with a bespoke code should remain the same unless changed manually.

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