Notice on Explain Bank Import Screen where Customer has Credit on Account

Idea suggested by Chris Curtis 6 years ago

It would be very helpful if there was a notice on the explain payments screen when the customer has an unallocated payment/credit.

Even if it is a simple 'This customer has unreconciled cash/credit on account!'

It would save so much time when trying to figure out what a customer is paying and you cannot get their payments to balance because you do not realise they have used a credit.

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You mean funds sitting in unallocated cash?

If so, it's something i've raised before. I think there should be a general warning message advising of that at all times, it's far too easy to miss as it stands.

Exactly that or an unallocated credit note!

An example, a customer has just paid me £75 but there was only an invoice showing of £100 unallocated on their account. I emailed the customer to say that they had short paid by £25 and they replied saying there was a credit of £25. It only when I looked at the bottom of the invoice I saw this listed.

Hi Chris and Kevin,

I agree with you both - this would be a very useful improvement. Our Product Team are currently finalising the Roadmap, which is soon to be released. The Roadmap will hopefully give you a good idea as to when this may be looked at and what the Team are working on. Many thanks for your suggestion.

All the best,


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