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Idea suggested by James Hyde 10 years ago

It removes companies from the drop down list in invoicing, but they still come up in search results (perhaps they should, but they should be marked differently).

It's also possible to add a new invoice against an archived account. This seems wrong - they should be made active before this is possible.

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Hi James,

The search results should indeed be more clear when reporting on archived contacts - I shall add this as an idea for the tech team to review.

However when you say it's possible to add a new invoice against an archived account - do you mean bank account in this case?

No, I found that you could create a new invoice for an archived account - if you open up an archived customer, the 'add new invoice' button is still there.

Archiving customer will only mark them as archived on the Sales>Customers list and should prevent the customer from being listed in any contact drop down lists when creating transactions. I shall add an idea to prevent invoices from being created for archived customers too.

It doesn't even mark them as Archived on the Customer listing any more...

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