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Idea suggested by Jonathan Milne 12 years ago

There is no facility to address emails using just title and surname. It is really not very satisfactory having correspondence going out to clients addressing them as Dear Mr John Jones or Dear Ms Jane Doe - this is not good English quite apart from anything else.

So, I would suggest that having a place marker for Title would remove this issue.

In addition, sometimes the correspondence will be going to someone where one would wish to address them as Dear John but also have their full name shown in the address block of, say, an invoice. Is this currently possible? If so how does one set it up and if not please can the facility be made available?

Many thanks

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Hi Jonathan,

Apologies for the delayed response. This request actually has been implemented now, which can be accessed by going to Emails > Email Templates > Invoice tab and click on the 'i' icon to see the different placeholders, as shown below:


Usually, when creating a customer, most users would input the name in the customer field rather than the first/ last name field, so you would choose the placeholder as Dear (::their_company::) as shown in the image above. In other cases, if you put the customers name in the first name and last name field, the placeholder would be ::their_forenames:: and ::their_surname::.

I hope this has been helpful!

Thanks, Tommy

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