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being able to tab through is much quicker than having to stop to pick up the mouse to select a date. Would be good if this functionality was available

Agree this would be a most useful feature, i'm finally started to plug some data into the system over the past 24 hrs and this is one of the things I received an error msg on constantly,

come on ClearBooks, you know it makes sense
This would be reaaaaaaaaaaally useful and is currently a real pain in the

7 likes, ,but no progress yet

Hi Jodie,

Thanks for the feedback.

I agree with you the ability to enter dates in various formats will be extremely beneficial. You have my vote as well let us make this idea popular such that it becomes impossible to ignore. The more popular this idea becomes the greater the chance this will be considered for implementation.

Many thanks,


glad you like it !

please use your position and influence to get this implemented - it has been way too long happening

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