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Hello. When creating / amending account codes and/or account names, is it possible to change the order of the list? It appears new account codes are being added to the bottom of the list or amended account codes remain in the same position in the list (not so important in the list, but far more so for P&L). Thank you, Jason

Absolutely Agree - I have loads of client account codes and makes it very tricky find as they're not sorted alphabetically. CB I've raised this a number of times before - any idea when this will be addresses - I'm sure it's pretty straightforward to fix.

For me, this is currently the single thing most affecting the useability of Clear Books.

Surely an easy fix!

Agree. This is frustrating. My account list looks a mess.

I notice that you can click on the header to sort and an arrow appears to show which column the list is sorted by. Unfortunately this doesn't work. When I click the Code column the list does NOT sort numerically by code.

Surely the simplest solution is to have the list sorted numerically by code by default?

Yes, this would be very helpful. The company accounts are not my core activity within the company, so being able to set-up the cost codes in a way that makes sense to me is important.

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