Attach scans and attachments to emailed invoices

Idea suggested by Tim Fouracre 13 years ago

Attach PDFs and other scans to the emails sent out to customers which at the moment only allow for the invoice to be attached.

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I need this feature so badly.. please please please give this feature..

Any update on this feature Tim. It would be good to put a status of "Work in Progress" status on the ideas being implemented. :)

Yes I would really like to see this feature too. I am now having to send a separate email with a timesheet attachment through Outlook.
I have on a couple of occasions forgotten to do this so naturally this delays payment from clients.

This would be extreeeeemmmmmley helpful...

Hi all - we are aware this is a very popular feature request. It does take some time to design, implement and test new features, but this is definitely edging upwards on the to do list.

I need to be able to set a default attachment of my Terms and Conditions to go with all invoices and would like to see this capability as soon as possible.

Mark - what I do for my terms & conditions is to include a comment on the QUOTE FOOTER TEXT that has a URL link to my terms and conditions. The terms & conditions are posted to the document part of my website which are not publicly displated.Since you are emailing an invoice to a customer one has to assume that they have internet access to be able to download the PDF of the terms & conditions specified in the URL.

HI Chris, thats a great idea! I will implement that. Thank you!

Either I'm wrong (please tell me if I am) or this hasn't been very well implemented. I agree it is possible to attached scans to invoices but the scans have to be re-uploaded even if you have already uploaded them as an expense and allocated it to a job and client.

Why duplicate one of the most time consuming parts of the process?

Thanks for pointing this out Luke, we can look to refine this feature as we go along. We constantly update and adjust our software until every feature is as good as it can be and I am sure or developers will take this issue into account and see if there is a way around it when they get to the next update for this feature. I'm sorry if it is a bit of a long-winded way of doing things, but as it is new we can still make it better.



It's incorrect to say this feature has been implemented - while it works great under Sales invoices, the same feature looks like it works under Purchase invoices, but in fact the attached invoices/pdfs are not sent with the email.

Is there a plan to get this fixed?


Hi, I'm sorry if this causes any confusion. Perhaps it would be good to create a new post putting forward this idea specifically for purchases and that will make it easier for our developers to track.


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