Purchase Orders already Invoiced

Idea suggested by Martin Horton 13 years ago


I think the Puyrchase Orders list should only contain those which have not been invoiced yet, at the moment it is confusing that they all remain on the list, once an invoice has been posted from a PO they should go on a 'Purchase Orders invoiced' option.

Martin Horton

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Hi Guys,

There is a bit more organisation with the PO menu now. There are 4 tabs - Draft, All, Create and Complete:


All new POs created will be saved in the Draft tab. If you create a bill from a draft PO file, the PO will automatically move to the Complete tab.

You can also manually mark a draft PO as complete by clicking on the green tick icon file.

The All tab just lists both complete and draft POs.

Fantastic, many thanks for implementing!

Thank you!!!! We have been waiting a long time for this!

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